David the mechanic from Kings Cross

I have been living in the Cross for a while now, and I have always seen that israeli guy called David working on Victoria street.

I have always been a bit suspicious of him because he advertises his service as a mechanic, so if you are looking for a car he will come over and inspect it and tell you if it is worth buying, but at the same time he sells vans and 4WDs, so what if you are looking for a van and he is selling a similar one ? It would be tempting for him to tell you that the van is not good and that there is a better one available…

Yesterday I had a couple of young israeli people coming over to inspect my car, they were serious buyers since they have tried unsuccessfully to buy a car in Victoria right upon their arrival in Australia. They told me that they wanted to have the car checked by somebody, I asked them if they knew somebody to do the job and they told me they had seen the ad from that David guy, so I told them all I knew about him (I had heard some good things as well as some bad things on equal proportions), and we decided to go to the Kings Cross car market to ask them for a mechanic, there the manager gave us the address of a garage close by, I asked him about that guy and he told us that he had known David for 20 years, that the guy is not a qualified mechanic, when you ask him to inspect a car, if he has got a similar one he will tell you that it’s not good and there is another one available, and if he doesn’t have one he will say it’s ok since he does the inspection on the street (without even lifting the car…).
He also tells you that he’ll buy back the vehicle when you come back to Sydney, but when you do so he tells you that his friend who sold you the car went back to Israel and that he can’t buy it back.

That confirmed the doubts I had regarding this guy, so if you are willing to buy a vehicle in Sydney before heading off on the road you’d better avoid this guy and his shady business.

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